Born in 1989, Tomsk, Russia, lives and works in Tallinn, Estonia.


2014-2016   Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, Fine Arts (MFA)

2008-2011   Estonian Academy of Arts, Fine Arts (BA)

Solo Exhibitions

2021   How it happened? ArtDepoo gallery, Tallinn, Estonia (in collaboration with Kogo gallery)

2019   Prison Break. Dungeon Space, Tallinn, Estonia.

2018   The outside world must not come in – Alexei Gordin. SomoS Art House, Berlin, Germany.

2018   Artists, galleries and abandoned spaces. Somos Art House, Berlin, Germany; Pamenkalnio Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018   Potential of the Artist’s Struggle. Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2018   I Remained Silent. Kogo Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

2018   Weird feeling. Brivibas Gallery, Valga, Estonia.

2017   Art is Not Just Fun Anymore. Tartu Art House, Tartu, Estonia.

2015   Forever Not Ready. Draakoni Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

2014   Artist Collecting Bottles. Y Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

2014   March 1989 – August 2014. Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

2013   Between the Past and the Cosmos. Aatrium Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

2013   No Money To Rent a Gallery. Telliskivi Creative City, Tallinn, Estonia.

2012   No More Hope For Lovely Creatures. Kultuurikatel garden, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011   Art Is So Gay. together with E. Jakubov, Parikaste house, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011   Correction Work. Pärnu City Gallery, Pärnu, Estonia.

2010   Image of Duality. Together with A. Kulpin. Aatrium Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

Group Exhibitions

2021   New Age of Baltic. Art Corner H, Seoul, South Korea.

2021   Survival Kit for the Art Market. Together with Marko Mäetamm and Kennet Lekko, curator Helene Bosecher. Kogo gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

2020   (UN)DETERMINED, 17th Vilnius Painting Triennial. Vilnius, Lihuania.

2020   MAD LOVE. Seppo Fränti Collection. Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.

2020   East Ends. Curated by Maria-Helen Känd. Põhjala tehas, Tallinn, Estonia

2020   Time to Dream or Fear? Kogo Gallery, Tartu, Estonia.

2020   50%50. Paul-Fleischmann-Haus, Berlin, Germany.

2020   Kas me sellist muuseumi tahtsimegi? Narva versioon. Curated by Rael Artel, Narva Art Museum, Narva, Estonia.

2019   Report to the audience. Acquisitions of TARTMUS. Curated by Julia Polujanenkova. Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia.

2019   Jõhvi Street Art festival. Former Police building of Jõhvi town, Jõhvi, Estonia.

2019   Spring Exhibition. Tallinn Art Hall, Tallinn, Estonia.

2019   Eesti Parimad Noored Kunstnikud. Pärnu Linnagalerii, Pärnu, Estonia.

2018   Estonia100 – Self-Identity. Curated by Alina Orav, Kuja Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2018   There and Back Again. Curated by Saara Hacklin and Kati Kivinen. KIASMA Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.

2017   Silta. Curated by V. Halmettoja, Virkka gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2017   Perform or Not. Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia.

2017   Children of the New East. Curated by Siim Preiman, Tallinn Art Hall, Estonia.

2016   EXTENSION.EE. Curated by E. Pärn. Triumph Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

2016   Bedroom Paintings. Kopli Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia.

2016   Young Painter Prize. TSEKH Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania.

2016   Haava. Seppo Fränti collection, Lapinlahden sairaala, Helsinki, Finland.

2016   Systems3. Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Finland.

2016   Reflections. Vol. 2. Curated by E. Pärn, Narva College, Estonia.

2016   Art Laboratory @ Flow Festival.  Curated by S. Lehtinen, Helsinki, Finland.

2016   Kilometre of Sculpture. Curated by A. Virtanen, Rakvere, Estonia.

2016   Kuvan Kevät. Project Room Gallery, curated by S. Lehtinen, Helsinki, Finland.

2016   Systems2. Free Art Space, Helsinki, Finland.

2016   Techniques of delusion. KuvaTila Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2015   Art Laboratory @ Flow Festival. Curated by J. Räsänen, Helsinki, Finland.

2015   Metamorphoses of the Black Square. Interpretations of Malevich’s Work in Estonian Art. Curated by E.Taidre, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia.

2015   Frozen Species Against the Wall. Curated by G. Biagini, Eskus Performance Center, Helsinki, Finland.

2015   What is Surface? Project Space Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2015   Reflections. Curated by E. Pärn, Tallinn Russian Museum, Estonia.

2014   Playground. Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn, Estonia.

2012   Archaeology and the Future of Estonian Art Scenes. Curated by Rael Artel, KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011   Lost in Transition. Curated by Rael Artel, Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia, Tallinn.

2010   Project Loop. KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia; Pärnu Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia.


2020   Easel. Kanuti Gild, Tallinn, Estonia.

2018   Art Is Not Just Fun Anymore. Tattoo Performance. Pamenkalnio Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2018   Red Dot, UltraViolent. Estonia100 – Self-Identity. Curated by Alina Orav. Kuja Gallery, Helsinki, Finland.

2017   Goodbye my works. Together With Kristina Koobak. Perform or not festival, Culture Factory Polymer, Tallinn, Estonia.

2015   Painting Against the Painting Against the Wall. Helsinki Theatre Academy, Helsinki, Finland.

2015   Frozen Species Project. Curated by G. Biagini. Helsinki, Finland.

2014   Elephant of Troy. Together with E. Jakubov. Kultuuritolm Festival, Tallinn, Estonia.

2011   My Journey Ends Here. Together with E. Jakubov, San Marco, Venice, Italy.


2017   Young Painter Prize, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2008   Estonian Nature Photo, 2nd prize;

2007   Pärnu Portrait Photo, 1st prize.


2020   Rupert Residency, Vilnius, Lithuania;

2018   SomoS Art House residency, Berlin, Germany;

2017   Young Artists Association Studio, Budapest, Hungary.

               Works in Collections

               National Gallery of Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania;
               Seppo Fränti collection, Helsinki, Finland;
               Tartu Art Museum, Tartu, Estonia;
               Päivi & Paavo Lipponen Foundation;
               Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum, Helsinki, Finland.