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Sandra Strele (b.1991, Latvia) is a contemporary artist whose creative large-scale installations are based on series of classic paintings.

Sandra focuses on creating and interpreting secluded, alienated, sometimes lonely places, their architecture, and fictitious everyday scenes,

offering the viewer the role of an observer. The painted places and landscapes in each series of paintings preserve some of their attributes

from the previous one and simultaneously offer the viewer to perceive the changes and transformations that have occurred.

Sandra introduces cinema aesthetics, where frame replaces frame.


2016-2020   MA, Art Academy of Latvia

2014-2016   MA, Art Academy of Latvia

2013-2014   Specialist Degree, Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

2010-2014   BA, Art Academy of Latvia


2021   Young Artist Biennale, Jeune Création Europeenne

2021   VIRUS'25, Šiaulių dailės galerija

2020   Ko šobrīd dara māksliniece Sandra Strēle?, Art Territory

2020   Artist conversation with Sandra Strēle, Mycelia: About Networking as a Female Artist

2020   Sandra Strēle, Šiaulių dailės galerija

2019   Nostalģija un Nojauta, Rīgas mākslas telpa

2019   Sandras Strēle, Mūsdienu mākslas galerija

2019   Sandra Strēle Nostalģija, Rīta Panorāma

2018   Sandras Strēle, LTV Ziņu dienests

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