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Robertas Narkus


Robertas Nakus, born in 1983, works in Vilnius, Lithuania.



2022 – MMCA Changdong at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (South Korea)

2021 – MMCA Seoul at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (South Korea)

2020 – Nida art colony (Lithuania)

2018 – Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (United Kingdom)

2018 – Delfina Foundation Residency (United Kingdom)

2016 – Skaftel Art Center residency (Greece)

2014 – Performing Art Forum (France)

2013-2015 – Sandberg institute, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2012 – Rupert project-based para-academic educational program (Lithuania)

2012 – Bregenz Kunsthaus residency program (Austria)

2010 – MA Photography and Media Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)

2006 – BA Photography and Media Art, Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania)

2004 – Exchange program at Turku Academy of arts (Finland)




2022 – Gut Feeling, Lithuanian pavilion at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2022.

2020 – Valdyba/The Board, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2019 – Prospect Revenge, David Dale gallery, Glasgow (Scotland)

2019 – Sphynx, Editorial project space, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 – Träger, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2017 – Guest, KIM?, Riga (Latvia)

2016 – Doghme, Neverland gallery, Amsterdam, (The Netherlands)

2015 – Easy CUTZ, Juliette Jongma gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2014 – Turbulence-3, Tenderpixel gallery, London (United Kingdom)

2012 – Red Herring / Lithuanian Art 2012, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)



2019 – XVII a., Autarkia, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2019 – I had amnesia once or twice, Polansky gallery, Prague (Czech Republic)

2018 – Waiting for Another Coming, Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw (Poland)

2018 – How can large mountains enter small ice, Delfina foundation, London (United Kingdom)

2018 – Artist film international (video screenings), Whitechapel gallery, London (United Kingdom), ‘Ballroom Marfa’ (USA)

2018 – Future is certain it’s the past which is unpredictable, Blaffer museum, Houston (USA)

2017 – Climbing Invisible Structures/Lipti nematomomis struktūromis, Akershus art center, Lillestrøm (Norway)

2016 – Žilvitis, Gallery VARTAI, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2016 – The Economy is Spinning, Unfold online platform

2015 – XII Baltic Triennial, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2015 – Spell to Spelling - Spelling to Spell, de Apple Art center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2015 – A Day in a Life of Thomas, Stedeljik Museum, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2015 – Making sense, Juliette Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2015 – Vienna Contemporary 2015, Vienna (Austria)

2015 – Artissima 2015, Torino (Italy)

2014 – Exlibris for a library not yet began, Podium (Oslo)

2014 – a Cab, Kunsthalle Athena, Athens (Greece)

2014 – Elusive Earths, Etablissement d' En Face Projects, Brussels (Belgium)

2014 – WeberWoche, Stroom Den Haag art center, Hague (The Netherlands)

2014 – Unanswered Q, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2014 – Father can’t You See I’m Burning?, De Appel Art Center, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2014 – Porn for the Blind, Juliette Jongma Gallery, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2014 – Marrakech biennale 5th edition, Half Hotel, Marrakech (Morocco)

2013 – ANNE, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2013 – FAST FLUX, Studio - X, New York (USA)

2013 – Part of the bigger whole, Twelve star gallery, London (United Kingdom)

2013 – Usue Arieta & Vicente Vazquez, Lisi-Humerlee gallery, Bregenz (Austria)

2012 – Generation of the the Place: Image, Memory and Fiction, Tallinn Kunsthalle, Tallinn (Estonia)

2011 – Spheres of Power/ tension and exchange, GlogauAIR, Berlin (Germany)

2010 – Moscow Biennale for Young Art, MMOMA, Moscow (Russia)

2010 – Illusion of inclusion, VARTAI Gallery, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2008 – Young Lithuanian art gallery, Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris (France)

2008 – Lithuanian Art ’08: Photography, Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2008 – Made in China, International festival of photography, Lodz (Poland)

2008 – Media arts festival ENTER, Vilnius (Lithuania)

2008 – Down to the rabbit’s hole. Meeting the familiar, Rael Artel gallery, Tartu (Estonia)

2007 – Ciurlionis 2024, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (Lithuania)




Lewben Art Foundation, Vilnius, Lithuania

Kiasma museum collection

Private collections




2014 – ‘Young Artist Award’ from Ministry of Culture of Lithuania

2013 – State Scholarship for the artist by Ministry of Culture of Lithuania

2010 – Vilnius City Mayor award for emerging artists

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